View a Planning Map or Search for a Property

Search for a property (or click on a planning map) to see which zones, overlays or designations are applicable.

The Property Search function is a tool to assist with navigating to particular properties or areas. The data used in the Property Search tool has been derived from the planning maps. All due care has been taken by the Christchurch City Council to ensure the information is accurate and reflects the information on the planning maps. However, the information and maps shown through the Property Search function are not the planning maps themselves. Users are recommended to refer also to the planning maps. The Property Search function page provides a direct link to the planning maps at the bottom of the information relevant to the property.

The zone and overlay descriptions are not part of the District Plan. Council staff have written this basic summary of the zone or overlay to assist users. This description cannot be used to assist interpretation of the District Plan. You must refer to the District Plan in the links to see the provisions and to have a full understanding. Christchurch City Council accepts no liability for any error, omission, or inaccuracy of the information or from any use of or reliance on the information provided through the Property Search function, including the summary of the zone(s) and overlay(s).